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2018-10-08 14:06:14
Love Real Estate

Love Real Estate

When you are shopping for a home and an agent one of the first rules of Real Estate is to work with a 'Broker' that Loves Real Estate! A broker that loves to spend the time working for you and understands exactly what it takes to find you the perfect property that you are going to love... A professional that loves their job and is going to be working not for the deal right in front of them but the deal that is down the road when you come back in 5 or 6 years / or when you send a referral because of the awesome job that they did for you! 

It truly comes down to an agent knowing their profession and loving it because of what property ownership means to individuals, families and to this great nation! It is only through property ownership that we gain prosperity and freedom! There are homes, ranches, commercial and industrial properties~

Remember that..

Under all is the land.
Upon its wise utilization and widely
allocated ownership depend the
survival and growth of free
institutions and of our civilization.
At Patriot Real Estate we love the opportunities that property ownership affords us ALL as citizens and as a prosperous nation! We hope you join with us in the love of Real Estate! We hope that you allow us to work and share this love with you!
Kalene Gamble Broker Patriot Real Estate
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2018-10-08 14:06:14
Love Real Estate

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